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Digital accounting office

Electronic administration for business and person specialized tax and every government case. Online, fast, precise.



Komárom is town next to the border, so our clients come from Slovakia as well. Next to our Slovakian and Hungarian clients we have other foreign client from Komárom and its surrounding. With the spread of digitalization, we do not know kilometers, borders, so we also have a suitable background for telework in field of accounting and tax administration. By prior arrangement, a consultation in Budapest is also possible on Fridays.

Á-Kontír Kft.’s foundation year: 2008.
Á-KONTIR Könyvelő Bt.’s foundation year: 2015.
Á-KONTIR Tanácsadó Bt.’s foundation year: 2019.
Owner / office leader: Erdélyi Ágnes

Education of owner / office leader:

2018. CAD-CAM IT
2015. registrated IFRS ACCOUNTANT
2014. registrated TAX ADVISOR
2003. Logistic and Forwarding Manager Engineer
2001. Master in Agricultural Economics and Management
2000. registrated BUSINESS ACCOUNTANT
1998. intermediate level English language state exam(English B2 level written and spoken)
1995. BOOKKEEPER, statistician, corporate planne

Our customers are operating in the following producer or provider sectors:

-agriculture: plantgrowing, stock-raising
-transportation, warehouse service, logistic
-trade, commercial, webshops
-real estate hire and building operation
-accomodation service
-building industry
-engineering, installation and repairing service
-health care

Partners who work with us:

QualitySoft: integrated and automated bookkeeping and payroll posting system
OL Munkaidő: online working time recorder system
Billcity: digital archiving and processing of incoming invoices
VIKI: bookkeeping assistant, automated notice sending system
Egzatik: accounting policy, online tax and accounting advising, knowledge base
Allianz Hungária Zrt.: professional liability insurance

Our services

Basic services

accounting, social insurance and payroll service, tax declarations, tax advising

Extra services

head office service, work permit, tax and insurance number, VAT registration, archiving

Electronic administration

online availability of government administration

Digital office

official online database and our business partners

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