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ACCOUNTING, PREPARATION OF TAX DECLARATION Accounting and tax declaration according to Hungarian laws. Keeping analytics record of supporting accounting. Compilation and submission of electronic declarations and reports. Making accounting policy. If you need any online report from bookkeeping, we give you an access to our system. PAYROLL, EMPOYMENT AND SOCIAL INSURANCE Payroll posting, contributions return, personal income tax preparing. Social insurance administration: sick pay, maternity care, pension. We give you an access to our online working time record system.


FULL MANAGEMENT SERVICES Those   customers,   who   do   not   want   to   own   administration   employer   for   their   management,   we   can   offer   the   following   services next to our basic services: control of electrical company messages from state agencies sending electrical messages to state agencies (e-paper making outgoing invoices in invoice program control of online invoice sending making bank transfer via netbank making and sending online statistics report to KSH making request support form from the state budget (fuel oil – agricultural, transportation) digital archiving and you can access copy of your incoming invoice from anywhere Electronic Public Road Trade Control System (EKÁER) declaration We do these tasks in our systems. If you need, you can access parts of these systems in your office or home via internet.   MOBILE BOOKKEEPER For   those   customers,   who   have   own   office,   but   do   not   want   own   bookkeeper   employee   in   full   time,   we   can   offer   our   part-time mobile bookkeeper service. You receive skilled bookkeeper and payroll poster in your office. Part time can be some days per week some hours per week some days per month Why is this beneficial to you? your documents are in your office in order and daily skilled employee in your office direct communication between your company and your bookkeeper at other times we can work with you with a flexible working time by electronically AUTOMATED ACCOUNTING and DOCUMENT RECEIPT We automated full accounting in our systems: outgoing customer invoice incoming bank transfer and cash supplier invoices assets register payroll tax returns In   order   to   get   your   data   and   documents   into   our   systems,   the   records   and   tax   returns   will   be   completed   in   due   time,   we   go   to you   at   a   pre-agreed   date   and   bring   your   basic   accounting   documents   from   you.   We   can   go   to   you   weekly   or   monthly,   it   depends on amount of documentation. INVOICES, DOCUMENTS ARCHIVING We   scan   all   of   documents   before   bookkeeping.   After   that   we   upload   to   a   could   drive   system,   where   you   can   search   from   anytime and anywhere. Why is this beneficial to you? your invoices are digitally available for years you do not have to search among papers you can give your search viewpoint you do not need bookkeeping knowledge to use. Create your own invoice group according to supplier or cost type you can print your invoice group immediately, and you do not have to make a copy from paper documents one by one this archiving system is linked to our accounting system